IMM Vibration Certification Scheme


No. Name of the course Code Course outlines Registration
(1)     Certified Vibration Practitioner Category 1b VP1 here

Please contact IMMR Central Training Unit (IMMR-CTU)

Call:+603 21610020

Fax:+603 21640020 or

Whatsapp: +6017 6468911

(2)     Certified Vibration Practitioner Category 2b VP2 here
(3)     Certified Vibration Specialist Category 3b VS3 here
(4)     Certified Vibration Specialist Category 4b VS4 here
(5)    Certified Mobile Industrial Equipment Inspector
(6)    Certified Mobile Industrial Compressor Operator
(7)    Practical Approach to Precision Alignment Methods
(8)    Practical Approach to Precision Balancing Methods
(9)    Troubleshooting Techniques for Rotating Equipment Course
(10)    Valve Operations / Maintenance / Inspection & Flange Breaking
(11)    Practical Approach to Inspection & Maintenance of Pumps
(12)    Fundamental of Precision Alignment Training
(13)    Mechanical Seals

*based on ISO18436