29th IMM Annual General Meeting

The 2019 AGM which saw a good turnout from members was held immediately following the “Forum on Using Technology to Address Global and Environmental Plastic Issues”. The AGM kicked off with the President’s address. The President, Mr. Mohd Azmi Mohd. Noor welcomed and thanked all the members who were present and expressed his appreciation to the Management Committee, Council members, the Chairmen, and members of the various committees and all members for their support and contribution to IMM.  He reminded members on the vision and mission statements of IMM and emphasized the core values of transparency, integrity, and professionalism that members should strive to follow. Mr. Azmi explained the organizational structure of IMM and the interrelationship between the Council, the Secretariat, and the various committees.

He spoke about the importance of the IMM Eco-system whereby there is a clear distinction between the roles of IMM as a society and its commercial enterprises such as IMM Resources Sdn. Bhd. (IMMR). He further explained the synergy between IMM and IMMR with the latter acting as a service provider to IMM for Certification and Training. More importantly, the President highlighted the landscape changes that would affect IMM and the need to adapt or reform to these environmental changes to remain relevant. One such initiative pointed out was the appointment of IMM by PETRONAS as the certification body for mechanical joint integrity and competency (MJI CDC). Therefore, it is very pertinent that IMM is certified to ISO 17024, the international standard for assessment of bodies operating certification of persons. This project designated as “Project Alpha” is spearheaded by IMMR and is currently in the preparatory stage.

The 2018 Annual Report of IMM was then presented by Prof. Dr. Melissa Chan Chin Han, the Honorary Secretary of IMM. She mentioned that the strength of the current IMM membership was 2600 members and the online membership will soon be implemented through the Advanced Database Secured system which will be linked to IMM’s website. The same portal will also be accessible for information on courses, trainers, certification, etc. and this will be the first such database for skilled tradesmen and practitioners, especially from the oil and gas industry.

While reference was made to her printed comprehensive report for a listing of all the events for the year, Prof. Melissa had highlighted several activities of IMM and the various committees and these included:

  • progress on the Mechanical Joint Integrity- MCR project towards implementation of the related Competency Development Certification planned in 2019;
  • IMM-SSPC (Society for Protective Coatings) collaboration with the introduction of the Abrasive Blasting Programme C7 and the Spray Application Certification C12 courses and consequently the cessation of IMM’s Blasting and Painting Level 1 and Level 2 course;
  • the “Corrosion Controls and Prevention” seminar and visit to the Royal Malaysia Navy in May 2018;
  • the Ageing Facility Management Conference in October 2018;
  • the activities of the Education, Certification and Accreditation Panel and its ISO Working Group in preparation for the ISO17024 accreditation; 
  • the Materials Lecture Competition;
  • IMM’s publication, Materials Mind, as issued in January, April, July, and October 2018; and of particular interest;
  • the first IMM Young Professionals meeting in August 2018;
  • the activities and project of the regional chapters and of particular interest;
  • the industry-academia project on coating fingerprinting certification scheme, culminating in the drafting of IMM’s Standard titled “Coating Fingerprinting Overall Procedures for Paint Systems Using FTIR and Other Methods”, believed to be the first of its kind in the world.

Prof. Melissa then tabled several proposed changes to the IMM constitution (previously known as “Rules”) and amongst these were the changes to the logo, reduction to the required quorum for council meetings from 15 to 10 that for the AGM from 60 to 40 and rearrangement of the clauses according to ROS requirements. The proposed changes were unanimously accepted by the members present.

The Honorary Secretary’s presentation was followed by the statement of accounts tabled by the Honorary Treasurer of IMM, Dr. Zulkarnain Kedah which was then received and accepted by the assembly. The statement of accounts reflected IMM’s satisfactory financial position. This was then followed by the normal business of appointing the external and internal auditors for 2019 before the AGM was adjourned.


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