IMM Code of Ethics

The Institute of Materials, Malaysia (IMM) is a professional society and certification body that promotes honorable practice, professional ethics and encourages education and skills in materials science, technology and engineering. IMM is committed to ensure its members and certified personnel and professionals maintain high standards of ethical conduct that will reflect credit on themselves, their profession and the Institute.

IMM members and certified personnel

  • shall represent the Institute in a manner that reflects positively and maintains the dignity of the Institute at all time
  • shall comply with all applicable current policies and procedures established by the Institute, and obey the laws and regulations of the country
  • shall not issue unauthorized or misleading public statements representing the Institute
  • shall not engage in any unprofessional and unethical conduct that reflects adversely on the reputation,  interests and objectives of the Institute or profession
  • shall always act with integrity and not engage in any act involving dishonesty, fraud or deceit
  • shall deter and help eliminate unethical behavior by other members and not assist or collude with others who may be engaged in such conduct
  • shall not use the membership of the Institute or any certification in a misleading manner or to obtain unjustified privileges for themselves
  • shall not disclose any confidential information without written authorization or unless required by law
  • shall strive for continuous professional development as well as maintain and improve competence in their technical discipline
  • shall not make fraudulent claims of their competency and shall avoid misrepresentation of qualifications, knowledge, experience, expertise and training
  • shall undertake work assignments only within the limits of one’s competency and technical expertise
  • shall accept responsibility for their own professional work done, actions and decisions
  • shall ensure those working for them have the appropriate level of competence, supervision and support
  • shall disclose any potential conflicts of interest in carrying out their duties and responsibilities
  • shall ensure that work carried out do not pose any danger to any person or property, having regard always to safety and the public interest
  • shall not revise or alter IMM certificates in any way or use IMM’s certification mark or logo in any unauthorized manner
  • shall act impartially if involved in any certification process of the Institute
  • shall demonstrate sensitivity for the customs, practices, culture, religious and personal beliefs of others