Procedures on Feedback and Complaints



IMM maintains a system to deal with feedback or complaints in a constructive, impartial, and timely manner. Feedback may be complimentary in nature, or in the form of a complaint, or it could be a general observation or even a suggestion for improvement.

Handling of Feedback/Complaints        

1. Feedback or complaints on certification activities or related matters may be submitted as verbal feedback or written feedback.  

Verbal feedback/complaints may be received in person or via a telephone conversation.

Written feedback/complaint may be submitted using the form provided here or via official correspondence, fax, or e-mail (, etc.

2. The feedback/complaint will be recorded at the IMM Secretariat officially. Upon receipt of the feedback/complaint, IMM will acknowledge receipt within three (3) working days.

3. If the feedback is a complaint in nature, the IMM Secretariat will officially document the complaint and assign a Complaint case number. If there is insufficient information/data, additional information will be requested.

4. The Secretariat will proceed to gather and verify all necessary information to validate the complaint. If the complaint is valid, IMM will initiate an investigation.

5. Investigations will be completed in a timely manner. If the investigation reveals some defects, corrective actions would be taken to prevent recurrence.

6. If the complaint is of a serious nature affecting certification activities, the IMM Management will be duly informed

7. The complainant will be informed in writing of the outcome of the investigation and any decision/action taken as a result of the complaint.

8. The complaint will be handled in such a way as to maintain confidentiality in respect of the complainant and the complaint itself.