About Us



The Institute of Materials, Malaysia (IMM) is a professional society and certification body that promotes honorable practice, professional ethics and encourages education and skills in materials science, technology and engineering. Engineers, academicians, technologists and technicians, skilled workers and other professionals are amongst its members and number more than 6000.

Registered with the Registrar of Societies in 1987 as the Malaysia Materials Science & Technology Society (MMS), IMM changed to its current name in 1997. IMM is administered by a council of 30 members with volunteers who are experts in various fields leading 7 specialized materials science and technology committees, complemented by 17 other professional working committees and 4 regional chapters, supported by a secretariat.

One of the key objectives of IMM includes the training and development of individuals in Malaysia to attain certification and professional recognition in materials science, technology and engineering. IMM also promotes research and development in these fields in addition to facilitating and encouraging collaboration between the industrial sectors, research institutes and universities.

IMM’s certification courses are well recognized and endorsed in the oil and gas, shipbuilding, construction and transport industries. Over the years, personnel from these industries have been trained and certified. They include, amongst others, blasters and painters, coating inspectors, welding engineers, welding inspectors, corrosion technicians, cathodic protection technologists, vibration practitioners and coating fingerprint quality controllers. These certification programmes are organized by Authorized Training Bodies and provide high employability with a pathway for increased remuneration and career advancement for certified technicians and professionals. Our programs have been developed together with the industry, academia and relevant stakeholders to ensure that the technical training and certification provided meet the relevant industry standards and requirements.

IMM also organizes numerous conferences, workshops, seminars, technical visits, educational and materials awareness programmes. Notably, IMM has organized the International Materials Technology Conference (IMTCE) on a biennial basis.

IMM has cemented its place and is recognized in Malaysia as the authority in Materials Science and Technology through the various certification courses and related programs.  Collaborations with industries including PETRONAS and with overseas professional organizations such as the Asian Welding Federation, Japan Welding Engineering Society and others continue to be part of IMM’s vision to be internationally recognized.

IMM continuously endeavours to fulfill its mission to be the technical authority on material science and technology, to expand its scope to cover more categories for competency and skills training in material science and engineering and to be an internationally recognized certifying body having already obtained accreditation from the Department of Standards Malaysia following full compliance to the requirements of ISO/IEC 17024, IMM will continue to be the forum for industry and academia collaboration while contributing positively to the community it represents and our society.