IMM’s Continuing Professional Development (“CPD”) Scheme for Certified Personnel

With effect from 1st January 2023, all IMM Certified Personnel will be required to submit their yearly Continuing Professional Development (CPD) report to qualify for renewal of their certification upon expiry. The objective of CPD is to encourage Certified Personnel to regularly improve themselves and keep themselves updated with the latest developments in their industry. As such, IMM-certified personnel can commence collecting CPD Points during the year 2021 to meet the required one-year CPD Points by the year 2023.


Download the CONTINUING PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT (CPD) REPORT FORM here (supporting documents are required to be submitted whenever applicable).


The CPD points calculation shall be based on the weightage factor shown below for each Activity Code.

Professional Development Activity Code

Professional Development Activity Scope

Weightage Factor

A Attend Training Courses/Workshops 4
B Course Trainer/Facilitator/Examiner/ Conference Presenter 3
C Attend Seminar/Conference 2
D Paper Author
Main author (max 30 hours/year)
Co-author (max 10 hours/year)
E Attend Committee Meeting 1

The minimum number of CPD Points per year shall be 10 points.
The minimum number of CPD Points per 5 years for re-certification shall be 100 points.


For more information, please contact IMM Secretariat via phone call at +60376611591, via WhatsApp at +60189113480, or via email at