IMM Training & Certification Schemes Booklet


The Institute of Materials Malaysia has been associated with the training and certification of technical workers for more than 30 years. A major part of these schemes involves the certification of engineers and technicians in the oil and gas industry. IMM is currently making inroads into the construction, power, and transport industry.

The job of personnel in these industries requires individuals to be competent and IMM has built a reputation over the years as a reliable training and certification body. To date, IMM has certified more than 9000 skilled workers through its competency development and certification programs for skilled workers. Most of them are required to carry out tasks that demand special skills while a significant number are also involved in making important technical judgments or decisions. Such judgments/decisions carry a significant impact on the work being carried out and any errors or shortcomings could result in serious consequences such as structural failures, corrosion, vibrations, loss of products, economic loss and injuries, or even loss of lives.

Benefits of IMM Certification
IMM-approved training courses and the related certification programs are designed to equip workers with the skills and knowledge for entry into the industrial sector. The IMM certification provides proof and assurance to prospective employers that the certified persons have reached a given level of proficiency in a particular field. The focus is not only on developing competencies and skills from raw talent but also on upskilling their existing competencies to complement their work experience as it provides a jumping-off point for career advancements in the industry. Such skills enhancement through formal certification programs will expose the workforce to related and new technologies for improved efficiency. This in turn leads the existing workforce towards enhancing national productivity and making our industries more competitive.

IMM certification also increases the value of the competency-tested worker to their respective organizations. IMM certification opens more doors as many positions work out better with a certified hire in place as industry work specifications increasingly demand certified personnel for contract jobs. Employers are more inclined, towards the certified candidate over the uncertified one. In addition, IMM’s certification programs give a certified person access to additional resources and better networking opportunities with peers and industry leaders, providing various opportunities for business and career advancements.

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