IMM-UiTM Student Chapter Academic Visit to Kualiti Alam – Cenviro

Reported by: Nurul Hazwani Ahmad Mortza, Universiti Teknologi MARA, IMM-UiTM student chapter event secretary
Reviewed by: Ts. Dr. Tay Chia Chay, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Materials Mind chief editor

The academic visit to Kualiti Alam – Cenviro was successfully held on 6th March 2019. It was organized by Institute of Materials, Malaysia (IMM). Thirty students from the Faculty of Applied Science, Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) Shah Alam who are also the IMM-UiTM Student Chapter member took part in this visit. Dr. Amirah Amalina Ahmad Tarmizi and Ts. Dr. Tay Chia Chay were accompanied advisors. Initially, safety briefing was conducted. After that, the participants were introduced on how the daily waste were managed and recycled using effective and appropriate ways to keep the environment green and clean. Cenviro stands for “clean environment” and participates in innovative projects in leading the green revolution to the Earth. The Environmental Preservation & Innovation Centre (EPIC), which is the Malaysia’s first centre of excellent for waste management, is the example of the innovative projects by Cenviro.

The highlighted technology, the innovative vertical secured landfill is the first in our country that came with geogrid wall, was built on the existing landfill and this kind of landfill can has a life extended by 30 years. What a genius and brilliant innovative project to be done! Scheduled Waste to Energy Seremban (SWtE S), which is the first of its kind in Malaysia contained the solar power renewable energy. This plant exports approximately 3.4 MWe to national grid. Malaysia’s first clinical waste treatment centre, the microwave technology, is associated with the most innovative technology in waste management such as zero emission, no burning and residue is landfill ready. It is effective as capable to process up to 250 kg of clinical waste per hour. Cenviro encourages recycling by Recycle for Life Project where cash can be rewarded through smart card. The recyclable materials will be weighed and credited a cash value based on the current market price into the smart card. The smart card can be used for any purchases of goods at selected hypermarkets. This project enhances the initiative of public practice in recycling activities.

from the participants. They not only gained tons of a very useful and interesting knowledge but also exposed to the types of jobs exist in the local market regarding this industry. We hope this event will be held in the future. Last but not least, all of the participants would like to express their sincere appreciation to IMM, Education Committee and IMM-UiTM Student Chapter for this golden opportunity to join this visit. A big thank to Kualiti Alam – Cenviro for hosting us.