IMM Welding Certification Scheme


No. Name of the course Code Course outlines Registration
(1)     Certified Welding Inspector CWI here here
(2)     IMM-JWES Welding Engineers Certification Courses (AWE/WE/SWE)c

–        Certified Associate Welding Engineer (AWE)c

–        Certified Welding Engineer (WE)c

–        Certified Senior Welding Engineer (SWE) c

AWE/WE/SWE here here
(3)     Repair Welding of Pressure Equipment in Refineries & Chemical Plants RWPE here here
(4)     Welding & Joining Technology for Non-Welding Personnel WJT here here
(5)     Steel Technology for Non-Technical Personnel STNT here here
(6)     Certified Rigging and Slinging Level 1 and Level 2