MOGEC Golf Championship 2019

Reported by: Dr. Zulkarnain Kedah, Serba Dinamik Group Bhd., Honorary Treasurer of IMM
Edited by: Mohd. Azmi Mohd. Noor, Kebabangan Petroleum Operating Company Sdn Bhd, President of IMM

IMM sponsored one of twenty nine flights for MOGEC Golf Championship which was held on Saturday 2nd March 2019 at Mines Resort Golf Club. Main sponsors were Technip FMC, Cargomind, MECIP Global Engineers, Winmore Engineering, WEG, Melewar Steel Tube and Inspirasi Ahza.
The tee-off started at 1.45pm and we were truly blessed with a pleasant Saturday afternoon weather which was sunny until the end. IMM was represented by Tuan Mohd. Azmi Mohd. Noor, Haji Tarmizi Munir, Ir. Lai Kah Chiung and Dr. Zulkarnain Kedah. It is a very good networking opportunity for IMM especially in connecting ourselves with several engineering solutions’ providers.