Technical Oration on Digital Radiography

Reported by: Dr. Sumaiya Islam*, Curtin University, Malaysia, IMM-Curtin Student Chapter Advisor Edited by: Dr. Mahmood Anwar, Curtin University, Malaysia, IMM Student Chapter Co-Chairman

A physician is waited eagerly for the X-ray plate for the patient with complex fracture in tibia in order to provide proper treatment. It is a common scenario for any Emergency department (ER) of a hospital. Similar situation also common in any offshore platform or sea going vessel. Nevertheless, in different stakeholders, instead of human bone, need arose for metal structure. For example, if a turbine blade of a ship is internally corroded or pipeline welding joint have micro fracture, could lead to a catastrophic scenario. Hence, any metallurgist required a full scale internal image of the damage area prior to design any remedy. This could only possible through radiography, particularly digital radiography which is widely popular as a nondestructive test (NDT) technology.

Necessity for a quest of learning such advance technology from industrial practitioners, IMM-Curtin Student Chapter organized a technical talk on 1st of November, 2018 in Faculty of Engineering & Science, Curtin University, Miri, Malaysia. Such industrial dialogue aimed to introduce students about the latest radiography technique and technology. Radiography is the inspection to find a hidden flaw on certain material. Radiography is used principally to find weld defects and irregularities, but can also be used to locate pitting, corrosion, blockages, product build up and casting defects. This type of test is a major element which is necessary to be regularly done in most industry. The guest speaker was Mr. Nick D’ademo (sales Manager Asia Pacific of DÜRR NDT GmbH & Co. KG). His stimulating speech draw huge queries from the future engineers (Curtin students) as well as current engineers (academic staff members).

After the successfully completion of the fascinating a long Q&A session, the technical talk was concluded through a souvenir giving ceremony for the guest speaker by IMM Miri Chapter Chairman Ir. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Edwin Jong Nyon Tchan and accompanied by Student Chapter Advisor, Dr. Sumaiya Islam. Finally, the session adjourned with a group photo session.